Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Monday, March 22nd, 2021 by Alicia Hunneman

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist - Image 1


Before you throw open the windows and clean out the closets, take a walk around your home and give it a good once-over. The winter weather can damage everything from your roof to your foundation and all that is in between.
So, we put together this checklist to help you avoid hidden problems, that if left unattended, can become ugly surprises. It is also a good idea to prepare for Indiana's Spring storms, which are notorious for bringing high winds and sometimes damaging hail.
A little home maintenance goes a long way towards preserving your property's value. And early spring is the perfect time of year to get your house in shape.



On top of the Roof

For starters, we do not recommend that you climb on your roof. In fact, there are over 500,000 ladder accidents every year and over 90% of them occur at home. Instead, let a professional tackle this one. For example, (and a shameless plug) North American Contractors offers a multi-point inspection. You can schedule your inspection here.
Some of the things we look for include:

  • Loose or missing shingles
  • Exposed nails
  • Broken seals on shingles
  • Excessive granule loss on shingles
  • Cracks in rubber boots around vent pipes
  • Declines in the condition of chimneys
  • Damaged flashing
  • Deteriorated caulk

Roof Missing Shingles


In the Attic – the other half of your roof

If a roof inspection only consists of the rooftop, it’s not really a thorough examination and may leave potential problems lurking in the attic. Here’s what we look for:

  • Damaged roof sheathing
  • Signs of condensation
  • Wet insulation, or mold
  • Adequate ventilation
  • Sagging or broken rafters
  • Outside light visible
  • Proper Bathroom exhaust fans
  • Leaks around vents, chimney chases, and other penetrations to the outside.


Spring Home Maintenance Checklist - Image 3


Inspecting gutters and downspouts for damage, blockage, and debris is very important. You want to confirm that the gutters are working so water is diverted away from your home’s foundation. It is also wise to inspect the “gutter boards” along with the fascia, soffit (under-hang) for rot or openings. Again, avoid working from ladders if possible. If you must, just don’t be tempted to lean a little too far. Better to get down and reposition the ladder.


 Exterior Cladding & Siding

Whether your siding is vinyl, aluminum or wood be sure to look for trouble spots. For example, if you have wood siding, insects, such as carpenter bees and ants can burrow in. Other critters may have created an opening to build a nest or otherwise cause damage.

 While fiber cement products (like James Hardie) are low maintenance, we still think they should be inspected. When you invest in James Hardie or other fiber cement you want to get the most from your investment. Issues that weren’t foreseeable or related to improper installation can show up later. So, if something doesn’t look quite right, ask for a professional opinion.

 Most siding manufacturers, including Hardie, recommend periodic cleaning. Be sure to follow the guidelines and only use the products and tools recommended for your type of siding. For more siding information, click here.

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist - Image 4



 A tightly sealed window is the first line of defense against air and water infiltration. So be sure to check that caulking and weather stripping are intact.

It’s also a good time to open and close your windows to be sure no adjustments, parts, or repairs are needed. Check your screens for tears or holes.

Yes, we do windows! To explore our window replacement options, LEARN MORE

Indoor window



Foundation repair is not something we do. So we are certainly aren’t experts. But while you’re walking the perimeter, it makes sense to note any cracks in your foundation. If you see any, routine caulking shouldn’t be your first choice. We think searching for a foundation specialist is your best bet. They should be able to assess your foundation and alert you if there are repairs or corrections required. In severe instances, you may want to consult with a structural engineer.


HVAC - Air Conditioning

Now is the time to make sure that air conditioning units are in good working order for the warmer months ahead. Just like the winter months, you should routinely change the filter. Look at the hose connections and check for leaks. Make sure the drain is free of debris and open. We recommend that you call in a professional to check out your system, perform routine maintenance, and get your AC in top condition before the hot and humid summer weather arrives. If you need an HVAC expert, check out Good Guys.      Ask for the NAC Discount.

Don’t wait to start on your Spring Home Exterior Checklist! For more helpful home tips and information, check us out on Facebook.






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